WE LOAN AND BUY ALMOST ANYTHING!!! The most relaible pawn shop. Getting a loan or selling your item is easy. At Elite Pawn & Gun, we pride ourselves in offering every customer a Friendly, Fast, and Fair experience. All you need is a government issued identification card with your picture and one or more items that we can use as collateral for the loan. If you have never received a short term cash loan from us or sold us an item, let us explain how it works. LOAN: Getting a loan is not a personal loan based on a credit history and does not effect your credit if item is not redeemed. Your loan is based on the personal property that you bring to our store and that is used for the collateral. To get a short term cash loan you must come to our store and bring some type of personal property that you can leave with us such as Firearms, Gold, Silver, Watches, Electronics, Tools, Lawn Equipment, and any other items of value. When you repay the loan, your merchandise is returned. All loans are 30 day loans with a 60 day grace period. Simply pay your interest and you can extend your loan as long as you need. If you don't repay the loan, there are no credit consequences and we simply sell the items you pawned. We prefer that our loans are repaid because we understand that many items that are pawned have sentimental value to our customers. BUYING YOUR ITEM: ELITE PAWN & GUN will also buy your item. We buy single items and complete collections. We buy Motorcycles, ATV's, Firearms, Gold, Silver, Watches, Electronics, Tools, Lawn Equipment, and most items of value. Whether you're wanting to liquidate those unwanted item or just need fast cash, come by and let us make you an offer for your items.